About the Author

My name is Angela Boland  Rios and this blog was created to give God, the fullsizerenderanchor and foundation of my life, glory.  Creator and lover of my soul; He is my hope, my Protector and my teacher.  I owe all I am and will be and all I have survived to Him.  I  promised my life to Him out of gratitude for saving it. I’m praying, when the moment(s) arrive to fulfill that promise, I can step up.

I am an extroverted introvert working on surrendering to God daily so that my character might become more like Christ’s.    I love to read, write, travel, hike and ride. I am a newlywed (as of 2017) and now a wife and insta-mom of 6 kids.

At age 13, I gave my life to Christ.  When I was 16,  I felt like God was calling me to teach His word but had no idea what that meant. If it meant going into full time ministry, I didn’t really want anything to do with it. So I ignored it and pursued education in communicaitons. After graduating a private Christian university with a bachelors in Organizational Interpersonal Communication, I started my career in sales, ended up in human resources for a few years and eventually training. I loved training and coaching the most.

Recently, however, I have felt the call to full time ministry. Turns out, that “teaching” thing is engrained not just for my use, but for God’s. Part of my testimony is learning that God loved me and truly believing it…and once that changed, everything changed for me. This blog was born out of that sweet experience with God: learning how Love changes everything and as a result, wanting to give everything back to Him, the one who calls me Beloved.

I am currently pursuing the next step of my journey towards all that God has for me: maybe even finally accepting that call to full time ministry. 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Bless you much!


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