Seeing a Blessing verses a Burden

“Six kids?!”

That was and still is the exasperated response I get from 99.9% of people when I tell them about my husband.  My own parents literally jumped off the couch, slapped their foreheads and paced the floor in bewilderment.  I had the same reaction when I would pray about whether or not this was the man for me. His past was enough to sober up any possible “drunk-love” gal.  For a never-married, adventure-seeking virgin, many people advised to keep looking for less “complication“.  I couldn’t disagree.  Even if the guy seemed like Prince Charming, I had grown up as a step kid, with 4 sets of changing step-parents and siblings. I knew it wouldn’t be easy.

I prayed like I had never prayed before! I wanted to be fair to all 8 of us before moving forward.  I would often point out to God this wasn’t my 1st choice, exclaiming, “This couldn’t possibly be the guy for me! With all those kids?!”  I’ll never forget how quickly and sharply God corrected me: “Those are my beloved. They are not a burden. They are a blessing.”

My eyes shot open with conviction and a deep sense of God’s love for them. He showed me not only had I met my future husband, but those kids were going to be entrusted into my care to help heal, restore and redeem a story the enemy meant for evil. My perspective changed from “deserving something better” to “being better deserving” of such a precious kingdom-calling.blessedmammatext

Jesus often referred to our spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear past the world’s wisdom. What relationships can you invite Holy Spirit to change your “eyes” from seeing the negative to the seeing what God sees?


  1. Glad your back to writing on your blog. I love seeing your blog posts. And what a testimony. Love you girl!

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