“AH-HA!!” Moment: Crushing His Head!!!

Just sharing one of those “AH HA!” moments where enlightenment slaps you upside the head and  your eyes pop wide open!

WOW!  WoooHOO!  This is ASTONISHING! Ready??!!

Jesus was crucified on the place of the skull called Golgotha. Supposedly, it physically looked like a head/skull in the time of Jesus.

The cross was planted on top of that head when Christ was crucified.  But the cross, meant for torture and death, would become a symbol of new life because Christ was resurrected from the dead, defeating death and all the power of Satan.

This was God’s plan in the beginning.  In Genesis 3:15, God says “… I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers;  he [Christ] will crush your [Satan’s ] head,   and you [Satan] will strike his [Christ’s] heel.”

serpent and cross

I just want to point out one this for today (if you haven’t already seen it):

The CROSS of Christ that would lead Him to defeat Satan and DEATH happened on top of a head! Metaphorically A N D literally! 

(WIDE EYES. OPEN MOUTH!!  BIG SMILE!!!  GIGGLING! )  Pardon my child-like excitement but isn’t that the COOLEST thing E V E R?!

God made SURE the Cross was plowed through the HEAD of the enemy… with such precision and charisma! God cares about the details, doesn’t He?! WOW!!

Oh! That reminds me: My pastor drew this other line for us on Easter.  It’s another awesome “extra” that just confirms God’s fingerprint:

Eve and Adam were designed to live in the beautiful Garden of Eden. They fell in sin while in the garden and were evicted. But Jesus was buried in a tomb…where?  IN A  GARDEN.  When He was risen from the dead, He stepped out of a tomb and into a rich man’s garden!  All things, begining to end will be redeemed under the genius of God’s omniscient love and grace!

WOW! It’s just a kiss from Heaven isn’t it?!!!

Yours Truly,


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