The “Hi Ho” Principle

I recently discovered Once Upon a Time, an ABC television  production that I had been oblivious to until Netflix brought it to my doorstep.  It’s filled with trolls, dragons, Queens, magic, Prince charming and of course, TRUE LOVE.  And although I can think of at least 50 other “more important” things to spend my time on, I have found it soooooo irresistible!!!

Call it making excuses but I am going to choose to see my “guilty pleasure” as an opportunity to LEARN.  Only one season in and already, the characters from my childhood are teaching me anew!

(and yes…I believe very strongly that even fiction has much to teach us.  Even Jesus told parables to teach principles, right?!)

The philosopher in me has already found several lessons to apply to life such as the, “ HI HO Principle.”

In a season finally, a massive event throws the entire Kingdom into a mob of uncertainty.  People are displaced and want guidance. When the answers don’t come, they begin to push, shove, yell and demand answers from leadership. But, alas, the Prince cannot give them the answers they want.

So what do they do? They wonder uselessly until fear grips them and they decide to RUN AWAY. Get outta town.  (And for you Bible fans, “Head back to Egypt.” To bondage.)

It’s all very dark and bleak until, in one of the most profound examples of leadership I have seen in fiction, Grumpy the Dwarf grabs his axe and says, “Come on boys, we need fairy dust so let’s go find some diamonds. Hi Ho, it’s off to work we go”

(For those who have yet to see the show, I’ll translate):

  • “Let’s have faith that good will win, take another look at how we can help and keeping TRYING.”  

I call it the “Hi Ho Principle.”

Leadership failed to give the people the answers they wanted.  Some chose to dwell on the fear of the unknown.  A FEW chose to act on faith. Some let fear tell them to run away.  FEWER, chose to act on HOPE and persevere.

Grumpy and his brothers had me examining what areas in my life need more faith than fear;  areas that are hopeless and need a dash of “fairy dust.”  What dreams have I given up on? Have I given up because I didn’t get the answer to prayer I wanted? What relationships and situations need a fresh perspective?

 Struck by the Dwarf’s creativity, I realized we ALL have a choice in the uncertain and frightful times of our lives: Do we give in to blind fear and run  OR  do we open our eyes to hope and persevere in the impossible?

Hmmm….I don’t know about you…but for me, I’m going to chose faith, not fear. I’m going to take a closer look, ask for new perspective, gauge what talents I have been given to use and then…

 “Hi ho! Hi Ho!  it’s off to work I go! Hi ho, hi ho hi ho ho….”

Seven Dwarfs


  1. Choose to faith instead of fear! Excellent post! Thank you. Good timing for me with the new year.

  2. Nice post! Thank you. Choose faith over fear. To fight, not choosing to flee. Good timing for me with setting my new year resolutions. :). Keep them coming!

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