Can Limits be a Gift?

Is there really such a thing as a season for sitting on the shelf?  A time and season for “sitting it out,” a time meant for refreshing and healing?

I recently read something in the book, The Emotionally Healthy Church on the “Gift of Limits.” 

Those three little words stopped me dead in my tracks. They sound like they don’t go together especially since the  word “gift” is often connected with a positive emotion and the word  “limit” to a negative one.   Someone like me, who puts significant value on performance, easily  associates “limits” as weakness.

Do you?

And what of self-imposed limits? Could that be “Godly?”  If I said “no” to someone asking for me to volunteer…wouldn’t that be “selfish?”  (gasp!) 

But what about putting others before God???  For some of us, this could be the bi-product of striving so hard to meet the needs of others. Caught up in the never-ending need to respond to task-lists, we may start to sacrifice the most important call of our lives: to abide in the love of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

A gift of limits is a paradigm shift from the curse of limits.  Limits remind us that we are not God and cannot do it all. The bi-product of this revelation should be a balance between doing-and abiding, between striving and resting and between working and healing.  Limits are a gift to keep us true to resting in the love of  God because only in abiding can we truly learn to love and be loved.  Then, from the abundance of a heart full of love, we can fully move towards the destiny God has called each one of us to.

Tired? Feeling worn out and somehow empty?  It’s probably a sign that you have not received your gift of limits and have extended yourself beyond what God himself has called you to do.

Time to rest.  Pick up the Bread of Life, His Word and refresh. Limit yourself to any other activity than just sitting and surrounding yourself with beauty.  Ask God to show you His presence and refresh you.  Abide with Him= Hang out and visit a little and watch the tired and worn out feelings wash away.

Embrace your “gifts” and refresh your soul.