Spread Your Wings and FLY!

My friend Sandra sent this to me in an email. Not only was it so encouraging for the season many of us are in, I thought it fit so beauitfully into what this blog is ALL about…God’s transforming work in us through the relentless power of His love!  Here it is. Enjoy!

Written by Pastor James Marano

Whenever God starts to work “on us” and “in us” the process of transformation can feel really dangerous and unsettling.  There exists a large chasm between theoretical faith and the transforming work of God.  We have an idea that God should always be nice… friendly… but He is Lord.
God is both gentle and relentless.  How those 2 are held together is mysterious.  God draws us in as only He can do and if we pull back then His relentlessness moves in.  It is safe and threatening… stable and uncertain… comforting and uncomfortable.
Why is it like that?  Because God is in the business of transforming and conforming us to HIs image.
Why does this feel so threatening?  This is the clash between the holy and the unholy… between purity and shame… between unrighteousness and righteousness.
2 Corinthians 3:18 But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit.
Unveiled–nothing is hidden from God.  The picture is the intimacy of unveiling a bride to see her face to face.
Beholding— when you look at who you are the reflection is Jesus, the glory of Jesus.  This is a great mystery… how can I be the reflection of Jesus?  By the transforming work of God.
The transforming work of Christ is an image… a likeness… Jesus!  This is an impartation of the glory of Jesus, the Lord, the Spirit.  This is principally the Goal of God, the purpose of Jesus and the work of the Spirit.  IT IS WONDERFUL… LIBERATING…  FREEING.
Heavenly Father finish the work you have begun in us.  Help us God to surrender ourselves to your work and your will.  May we see your goodness in us and through us.  Strengthen us to stay positioned to grow.  Allow your glory to be reflected in our lives.  Thank you Lord that you have a desire in us and it never changes… Glory!  Thank your that you transform us and give us the PRIVILEGE of being heirs and co-heirs with Christ.

Praise God for His transforming work. 
2 Corinthians 3:17 Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

My friend Sandra said that when she read this, she felt God was pointing out to us: ” I’m going to transform you into something so wonderful.  I’m here for you and I love you.  I know what you are going through and it’s painful but I’m here and I will continue being here.  At the end of this painful journey you will be whole again. You will be like that beautiful butterfly that just developed its wings. You will be able to fly so freely: free from that dark, heavy cocoon that had you strapped down for years.  Now fly, my beautiful butterflies!  Spread those wings and feel that freedom that you have now. Fly like there is no tomorrow. You have nothing to hold you down now. Just fly my beautiful butterflies, fly………”


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  1. I love how God just works through people at the right time in need. He knows that He is transforming us into something so beautiful and wanted us to see His work in progress. That’s why He had my Pastor send this message out to me. So that I could share with the women that are in great need of His love, tenderness, and compassion. This is the season for us to lean on God for His strength. So that He can do all the work that He needs to do in us. So that we can look in the mirror and see that we are the reflection of Jesus Christ our Savior. Boy, do I long for that day to come. When I’m able to look into that mirror and see my wings so vibrant in colors and so free to fly. I know God will be whispering in my ear saying “Go my beautiful butterfly go fly like there’s no tomorrow.” I know I will be free from that dark heavy cocoon that I was in for so long. I’m so blessed that God loves me so much that He’s transforming me at this time in my journey in walking with the Lord.

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