A take away from a Book…

I recently read a book by Stormie Omartian called Just Enough Light for the Step I’m On.

Here is a take away that shook me up and challenged me. Warning…my thoughts in this are a little wierd…it’s a like a conversation with myself. Follow it if you can! lol

“Even if the dream is from God, you still won’t see it fulfilled until you give it to Him. The dream has to be realized His way.  When we invite God to make changes in our lives, He starts by cutting away all that is unnecessary.”  -S.  Omartian

Well that doesn’t sound fun! I have big dreams! Important dreams! God-given dreams!  What do you mean I should sacrifice them to God? Doesn’t He want to give me the desires of my heart? This just doesn’t make sense to me!

“Well…”, God whispers. “Maybe that’s the point.”


“If I fit into your understanding of who I am or what I’m capable of, I wouldn’t be God, would I?”

LOL.  That’s right, God. You are AMAZING.  You do “great things” and you are “unsearchable”! Job 5:9  My bad.

So…the take away? 

Many of us have pictures of what our lives should look like. We think our ministry or job or husband or wife should look “THIS WAY” (the way we think it should, of course).  But…what if that idealistic dream becomes the dominating thought in our minds, making it an IDOL we have placed before God?  What if we have wrapped up our value in achieving “THE DREAM”  instead of learning who we are in God? What if we trust more in ourselves to make that dream happen than we trust God with our lives?

Uh oh! OUCH! I can relate to that a little too well. That stings and it stings deep.  I think I’m guilty of making my dreams happen and in principal, taking control of my life. This is a sharp contrast from “trusting” my life to God.   I’m pretty sure that goes directly against scripture. 

Eeeek, Lord! Maybe it is time to sacrifice the plans I have for my life and trust God’s will instead.