The “Good” Past is Not the Present…

Today I realized that I cannot look backward and go forward without stumbling

…or running blindly into a pole.  (Don’t ask how I came to this realization…it’s embarrassing).

 As I put on my running shoes, I found myself comparing an upcoming 5K run to a former 60 mile walk I participated in awhile back. The problem with this comparison was one; a run and walk are two very different types of exercise and the 5k is an unknown for me. Just because I killed 60 miles, doesn’t mean I know what I’m doing for a 3 mile run!

Second, I am not as fit as I was when I did the 60 mile walk which means, I’ve got a lot of work to do!  And it’s time to face the present and realize I’m lying to myself: my past accomplishment in walking will not make me a better runner.  I need to set a whole new standard to reach an entirely new type of goal!

We all have been warned at some point, “Don’t live in the past.”  Whether reminiscing about the good ole’ days or mulling over traumatic heart ache, the past can have an affect on our present.

Focusing on hurts can have a very severe impact.  If we hold on to past hurts, our present becomes downcast, downtrodden and downright gloomy.   But what happens when we focus heavily on the positive experiences of our past? Positive is good, right?

Not always. Not if we focus on it so much that we drown out (or dull) our present reality.  If we do it long enough, we walk the fine line of living in a fantasy world.

The appeal gets stronger as we get older. As we look back, seeing ourselves as the MVP we once were, the skinny girl or wishing we had what we no longer have, we take our eyes off the “now” and become blind to the blessings & opportunities of the PRESENT. 

 (Sigh)…there were some good times, weren’t there? I’m not taking away from great experiences.  There are a lot of laughs waiting to be discovered when we revisit our past.  But let’s only visit and be careful not to let the past (good or bad), lure us to stay too long and miss out on the NOW.

 The time is always NOW.  And now is the time to face the reality of the present and let the success of the past go.  Remember, God wants to take you beyond what you have known so ask, what new successes can you look forward to now?

 If you feel your present reality isn’t as good as your past, don’t just strive for the status of the “good ole days…” God wants to take you FARTHER than you can dream of!

God is a God of the now, a God of the present.  He is always doing something new NOW. New in you. New in your life. New in His Kingdom.

 So friends, I challenged you to look at the present and SEE it for the blessings it offers.  Then ask God where He is going and how you can go too!   God’s plans are always amazing and each time you look to Him, He WILL take you from glory…to glory…to glory…to glory…to glory …to glory (it just keeps going….) …to glory… to glory…to glory…to glory …to glory……………