Do I really wanna be a Butterfly?

Every time I see a butterfly, I am reminded of the work God is doing in my heart and life to make me more like Him.  I also think about how far I still have to go.  I equate the destination with such glory and strength of character that I put it high up on a pedal stool, striving impatiently for what is to be and often forsaking the favor, joy and importance of enjoying the journey.  In other words, I don’t wanna be a caterpillar. No one wants to be the caterpillar. Everyone wants to be the butterfly.

 Today, a butterfly lingered long enough for me to ponder how delicate it was.  Far from armored, butterflies are light, graceful, and actually quite fragile.  I remembered the first few times I tried to catch them when I was little.  By attempting to catch them by their delicate wings, I accidently killed a few. (Poor butterflies!)

 Hold up. From this perspective, who would want to be a butterfly?!  They are weak and easily broken!  All of a sudden, the caterpillar looks like a better choice.  Sure, he can’t fly, but the caterpillar seems tougher, guarded…..SAFE.

 Then I heard in my heart, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9  This was a teaching moment. 

 I realized in order to achieve the transformation we yearn for, we must be…vulnerable. Seems paradoxical, doesn’t it?  It is. It’s one of the most frustrating…and most amazing truths about how God works (i.e. give to receive, first shall be last, love your enemy, forgive and be forgiven).

 Many of us want to know we are changing for the better.  We want to live passionately, love deeply and make a difference.  But doing so requires openness, grace, transparency, trust and vulnerability.  That means RISK. 

 To LOVE DEEPLY means to FEEL deeply.  Opening our hearts wide enough to feel love, joy and hope also means feeling sorrow, pain and sadness.  And…that’s okay.  Look at the butterfly…she is open…LIGHT…and vulnerable…yet who endured what she endured? She had to endure the process of metamorphosis to break OUT of her armored cocoon and step into the light.  She had to become vulnerable to step into her destiny.  That is STRENGTH as a result of weakness.

 Paradoxical? Yes.

Beautifully true? Yes.

 Hmmm…but I still want to fly like the butterfly.  Everybody wants to be the butterfly. I think it’s worth the risk.  How about you?