Holy Imperfection

God is HOLY and Perfect. He is both, ABSOLUTELY.

God created us to be perfect, in His image. Yet our hearts have made us imperfect, a creation corrupted by pride, disbelief and greed.  So why, then, does He call us His “holy” people? (1Peter 2:9; Is 62:12; Deut 7:6)

 I don’t know about you but most of the time I feel…LESS than holy and mostly imperfect.  What was suppose to be uniquely perfect has become imperfect.  I have imperfect thoughts, actions and behaviors. And if I’m going to be honest, I feel broken: like there was this other version of who I was supposed to be but she was ruined beyond repair, and I will never be “HER”—the best possible ME I could be.  Instead, I will be what IS: imperfect.


    •  A word focusing on all that is lacking.
    • The epitome of an oxymoron?
    •  A description of the redeemed?
    • The ambivalence every Christian must wrestle with?

 I believe that the word on which you put emphasis says a lot about your sight.   For example, if you place the emphasis on IMPERFECTION, you most likely focus on what is lacking, wrong and negative.

More than I’d like to admit, that’s what I do.

 This weekend, I stood on top of Morro Rock, 6725 feet above elevation, overlooking the Western Divide and all I could think was how HUGE God is and how small I am.  I had spent 12 hours in the thick of the National Sequoia forest, looking up at giants that over powered me.  I couldn’t see beyond them. It wasn’t until I climbed up (and up, and up and up) that I truly saw where I was. It was astounding!  From up there, I looked down and the giants that overwhelmed me just minutes ago, seemed insignificant.

 WHAT a change of perspective!

And what a perfect example of how small our perspective is compared to God’s!


 A simple shift in sight changes our entire outlook on where we are and where we are headed regardless of our current position.

 On my hike back down into the canopy of the forest, God spoke to my heart and said, “Your perspective is too small.”

The God of all Creation is Holy and Perfect.   Next to Him, I see myself as small, broken and imperfect.  So naturally, I assumed my “small perspective” was my lack of holinesses.

But, what if it’s my lack of belief in what is possible??  What if  my “small perspective”  has more to do with my pattern of seeing myself as more imperfect than holy?  What if it’s my inability to see that I am becoming holy that is “too small”?   What if I need to open my perspective on what IS possible verses what IS?

 So, I ask you the same question I ask myself:

Do you live your life seeing from eyes that focus on impossible giants (aka hopelessness) or do you live with eyes of faith, seeing what is in the process of becoming?

 Time to see with NEW SIGHT.

 HOLY Imperfection:

  • A word focusing on all the beauty that is fully present.
  • The epitome of possibility?
  • A blessing for the redeemed?
  • The miracle of the Christian faith?

 This time, the emphasis is on HOLY and the eyes of the beholder chooses to see the vast possibility of the power of God’s love to faithfully and continually TRANSFORM us.

Blessing you with eyes to see,