Here today, Gone Tomorrow: CHOOSE THIS DAY

Today I was reminded of life’s frailty.  One emotional filled phone call was all it took and life changed in a heart beat.  It was a wake up call: we are all one heart beat away from meeting our Maker, one breath away from a life changing event and one phone call away from heart break.

 I am regretful to say that I am one of many who live life in contradiction to the campaign of “carpe diem”.  As one day leads into the next, it’s easy to take for granted what is important and take our eyes off our purpose.  We have no control over the number of breaths we take in a lifetime. NONE!!!  So why then do we live in favor of procrastination over the call to live each day as if it were our last??

 Yes my friend…we ARE CALLED to live a certain way. We do not have control over the number of our days but we DO have a choice about how we live each day!  Every day we open our eyes, we have a CHOICE set before us:

 This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now CHOOSE LIFE, so that you and your children may live.  Deut 30:19

 My own conviction is often drowned out by the mundane and life’s frailty is forgotten amongst ordinary routine.  Today, I wondered, how difficult could it REALLY be to change?  Is it REALLY THAT difficult Or have we chosen to live a busy, uneventful life for so long, that we have convinced ourselves life is just too hard, too unforgiving, too disappointing??? Have we embittered ourselves so much that we believe the lie that we cannot change our lives and HOW we live it?

 We CAN choose life. We CAN choose joy. We CAN choose to celebrate each day. We CAN choose to think differently, focus on the good, be hopeful and love passionately!  We CAN promise ourselves and God to look at each day as it was meant to be looked at: a gift, an opportunity, and something alive and extraordinary!!!

 Oh, my friends, how we need new eyes to see! No day is the same! Life is far from mundane! Each day is meant to be different. Each day is meant as a gift to be opened with excitement! 

Don’t believe it yet? Have faith! This is extreme optimism from one who herself struggles to apply such idealism to her life! BUT I refuse…REFUSE!….to believe that it’s impossible to have a life that is extraordinary EVERYDAY!  Whether its 18000 days or 35000 days, EACH one is to be highly valued, highly regarded and highly LIVED!!! 

Tonight, I grieve deeply with a friend who lost a husband, a best friend, a father and grandfather today.  The last two years of her life have been difficult enough and I cannot possibly gauge the depths of loss she and her family now feel.  If anyone has a right to start to feel cynical, it’s her.  But she is a woman of much perseverance; one who has withstood the worst storms of life and still thanks God every morning.  Again, she faces the fires of trial and again, I am confident she will triumph. 

 To Cindy, I dedicate this day: I will live it fully and I will live it in honor of Mike.  I will not take today for granted. Today I give praise for the breath in my lungs. Today, I give thanks for the precious loved ones and each moment I have with them.  Today, I will choose life. Today, I will choose faith, hope and love. Today I will practice forgiveness, blessing and kiss and hug everyone I love! Today I will make a choice to see every moment as an extraordinary gift. And I will choose to do the same tomorrow, should I be granted another chance to celebrate the beauty of another sunrise.

 With much Love and conviction,