Greatest Adventure…EVER!!!

Have you ever noticed how quickly an amazing experience fades into memory?  In the last two weeks, I have been motorcycle riding on race car tracks, playing in the rain, on boat rides with eagles and ending the day with fireworks (literally!).  But come Monday, my “exciting life” reverts to dreary and the most amazing moment’s of life feel like they were only a dream.

I believe the desire for adventure is in our blood. We were born to search it out, experience and live it. For me, it often feels like I’m trying to MAKE it happen, forcefully searching for a cure to the “dreary life.”  But the trouble with constantly searching for the next feel-good-moment, is you can lose sight of the bigger picture: your LIFE’s purpose. I believe our life is supposed to be THE Ultimate Adventure: a journey into the unknown where treasure and destiny are waiting to be discovered.

 On a recent retreat to LakeArrowhead, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and said, “You know, Angela, every day CAN be an adventure.” It wasn’t a question. It was statement of possibility and it confused me. God had just told me that all 365 days of my year could be defined as astounding and so far, I would describe 328 of them as exactly the opposite!  It caused me to reevaluate what I was really searching for.

What we label as adventurous differs for everyone. It can mean sky diving, making money, traveling, shopping for the perfect bargain, having thrilling hobbies, career hunting, dating or sex.  The list could go on and they are all great adventures in their own right (risky and rewarding) but I’m starting to wonder if they can become distractions from our real purpose?   It seems that these adventures, in of themselves, don’t really offer lasting fulfillment and happiness.  So what does?

I am now convinced, beyond a doubt, that there is no greater adventure than the adventure of LOVE. And there is no greater LOVE than God’s love for us.  We often think of love as just a feeling or an action.  We forget that LOVE …IS.  LOVE EXISTS.  Love is ALIVE and EVER PRESENT. 1 John 4:8 says God IS love. If God is love, than love is omnipresent; the Alpha and Omega.  Love is the most powerful force in the universe. It is the source of our being and the aim of it. If everything else was missing, this is all that matters. 

I have yet to find ANYONE who wouldn’t describe falling in love as the most exciting experience of their lives.  To love and be loved wholly is the most powerful experience in heaven AND earth.  Our relationship with God CAN be a DAILY adventure!  Every moment of everyday of our lives, there are unseen forces working to keep us apart from true LOVE; enemies out to harm us; tests of our strength and character and best of all, a Prince to rescue us from evil and sweep us away to the most beautiful palace where He lavishes love on us.  Um…excuse me…but doesn’t that sound like the best ADVENTURE story EVER!?  Except this is not FICTION! This is YOUR life!  And it’s waiting…HE is waiting, ready to be experienced… DAILY! 

Unlike any other adventure, the exhilaration of God’s love DOES NOT FADE.  The thrill lingers and joy, delight, elation and a sense of connection remains.  One hour in His arms fuels joy in me for days! It changes my entire countenance, attitude and outlook on life so much that at any given moment, it will bring a smile to my face and I forget where I am and what I’m doing.  NOTHING COMPARES.  And He is NEVER dull. Ecclesiastes 8:17 promises we will never fully know all about God. We can spend eternity trying to find something more exciting and God will still astound us with every encounter. 

God and His love for us is the most electrifying expedition we can undertake now and forever. It is the only cure to a dreary life and the only answer for authentic fulfillment.

The true Spirit of Adventure calls to you. He invites you to believe, search out and experience the greatest discovery of all time: His LOVE for you!  It’s your destiny.  How will you respond?