Hug verses EMRACE?

Hugs are great! As a greeting, goodbye or for comfort, they are a MUST for the health and love of every human soul.  Maybe they are so special because they are open.  Maybe because you are heart to heart, connecting physically and spiritually, that a hug, though brief, can feel safe and sacred. But an EMBRACE is what I long for!

I didn’t understand the difference until I fell in love.  A hug may last a second…a moment at most, but an embrace lingers.  Haven’t we all craved it as some time? Even as kids, we couldn’t get enough.  How many little kids just CLING to you and just want to be held?

When I discovered for the first time that I could nestle in the chest, listen to the beating heart, secured by strong arms, my soul came to LIFE and I realized what I had been missing my entire life.  I wanted to stay there as long as possible.  It was such a binding, powerful experience…being so close. You don’t want to be let go.

This is what I crave from God.  The same powerful arms that hold the universe together by might and force, tenderly wrap around you, restrained, gentle and eager to keep you heart to heart.  Content in His arms, much of the time I ask, “Just hold me, Lord.”

What I am learning is that God is all about the EMBRACE…He desires, as much as you, if not more, to EMBRACE you for all eternity!

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