Wait and Listen…then RISK it

To pray or not to pray: that is the QUESTION.

Any Christian knows the  answer, “Uh..hello?! That is a no-brainer. You PRAY!”  But what to pray? How to pray? What do I say? Do you pray loudly or softly? Do you pray scripture over someone? Which one?

So many questions, so little time.  These very questions often leave many uncertain about prayer and it’s why there are usually more people to pray for than there are volunteers to pray with them. 

We look into the eyes of the weary, the hurting, and broken, seeing a silent desperation for relief and we feel helpless to truly help them.  Their pleading touches a fear of inadequacy in us that binds our hands from reaching out and our voice from soothing the wounds of grief.

That fear breeds a cruel wrestling match between our heart and mind: we know what we should do, we feel compelled to do it yet we fear we are unequipped to  do anything about it.

The number one fear we have in praying for others is that we will not be able to find life-giving words that give genuine hope.

So…are you ready for the truth? It may sting a little?

You are right. That voice telling you that you don’t have the life-giving answers…that you are not a healer…is right. YOU, in your own power and ability, are not able to bring life. (keep reading…don’t get mad yet…)

BUT GOD IS.  He is THE HEALER. He is THE LIFE-GIVER. His WORDS (life-giving words) shall NEVER pass away! -Mark 13:31  His HOPE is eternal! HIS LOVE, death defying!  AND when you accepted Christ as your Savior, believing He was the Son of God, you received His Holy Spirit IN you…as a personal Teacher, Comforter, Counselor and Healer. You received HIS power and His permission and authority to use it.  He gives you HIS power to heal, to deliver HIS messages of life, hope and love.

So when you pray, ask the Holy Spirit what HE wants to say. And WAIT.


(Be okay with the silence.)

…(It’s a little akward…I know…but wait…).

…wait for it…

There it is! An imagine. A scripture. Sometimes…one word. A question. Something you feel compelled to do something (a hug, an action).  It’s more like instinct for some…and as clear as a voice to others.  It’s HIM…giving you what you need to deliver to someone else.  So give it away quickly! Take the risk.  IF it’s not right…what’s the harm? You were going to do it out of your power anyway, right? 

Too often we are eager to have something to say. Or we are so well practiced at knowing what is good to the ear that we automatically rely on our own words.  We lean on past experiences instead of waiting for something NEW from God in prayer…

…Something that touches the heart…deeper than human words or human hands ever could. 

I confess, I have been guilty of this.  Just this Sunday night, I was reminded, that when we stop and wait on the Holy Spirit, He answers. And wow…what an honor to carry a message that you see hit the heart of the receiver.  When you do, you know it. You see it in their eyes and wow…

WOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!! 🙂  What an honor!

So…when the hurting are nearby, and you feel compelled, asking yourself if you should pray for them, the answer is YES. And when you wonder what to say, ask Holy Spirit….

…and WAIT.

Listen. Healing is coming…