My Unexpected Valentines

It’s valentine’s day and  all the singles cringe.  What is that term: Single Awareness Day?  We celebrate engagements, valentine’s, baby showers…but what do the single people have?  I’m chucking as I type this: do I sound a little bitter?  I’m alright. I promise.  I’m alright because this year, I do not dread Valentine’s day.  Instead, I am celebrating.

This year I am determined to be thankful for the “love” God has brought into my life that wasn’t quite what I pictured but has brought blessings beyond my wildest imagination.  

God wrapped each gift in a brilliant array of diversity: not one the same in color, shape, size, or personality.  These gifts shine brighter than any lamp and they speak sounds sweeter than honey. They speak words of wisdom and truth;  they hug better than teddy bears and their laughter brings water to dry places.  These gifts are angels: gifts from heaven from God to me. Friends… as close as brothers and sisters.

 I often thank God for bringing people like you (you know who you are) into my life who challenge me when I don’t want to be challenged; who love me when I don’t think I deserve to be loved; and who see the good in me when I can’t see the good in myself.

To those friends, I say thank you for the unique gift of friendship you have allowed me to open.  You are my unexpected valentines and I’m feelin’ the love! 😉


  1. AWW! i’m so blessed to have you in my life yet i never see you! theres something wrong with that picture!

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