This Place Called Dryness

I often wonder if it was necessary for the people of Israel to wander all 40 years in the desert.  What if they had opened their eyes and stopped their complaining? What if they had seen it from a different perspective and learned what they had to learn?  Would they have moved forward sooner?

 I wonder about the people of Israel as I wonder about myself.  Seasons of dryness, also known as deserts, are no fun.  Was I led here or did I take a wrong turn?  Is this purposeful or punishment?  Such childish questions emerge when faith is searching for light in the darkness.

 This place called “dryness” can feel like a hard hand leaving one wondering if this could really be love. Dryness is a place where all your pride is stripped away:

  • …a place of weakness, where you realize you are helpless and dependant. 
  • …a place where you used to think you were somebody but realize you are a nobody.
  • …a place where visions blur, doubts knock on the door, tears fall often and heads bow low under the heat.
  • …a place of desperation where you cry out because there is no other option.
  • This place called dryness is a place of thirst.

 This is no accident. My spirit tells me so.  My mind, on the other hand, cannot always see purpose in harsh lands.  My spirit reminds me that God has a plan and something valuable for me here.  Yet my mind searches for green pastures, comfort in the shade and springs of fresh water.

My spirit knows there is some sort of treasure to be found in the dust of barren grounds. But my mind and will want relief as quickly as possible.   Yes. This feels like a dry place.  At first I wandered, as the Israelites, searching for my own way out.  I found none.  And now…all I am left with is thirst.

And I know that as the thirst intensifies under the sun, I will no longer have the stamina to search for a way out.  Soon, I will not have the strength nor to the ability to search for a way out. Soon, I will only have enough strength to seek water: the source of life.  Desperation will soon take over and I will find myself content in the dry land…as long as I have the Water of Life.

I will be amid the heat, satisfied in the shade of a rock upon the desert floor…as long as I have Living Water.

 And there it is: Purpose. Blessing. Something to be found, hidden among this place called Dryness.