Taking a Chance on Divine Appointments

Do you believe in Divine Appointments?  Appointment set by God Himself with a specific purpose?

I do. Although I will confess that most of the time I do NOT know what that purpose is.  And although I believe in Divine appointments, I don’t often realize they are happening nor do I acknowledge them. In other words, I can be so focused on myself that I fail to recognize what God is doing in and around us with the persons we encounter everyday.  

But on occasion, God is “kind” enough to snap His fingers in front of my face, wave His arms wide and say, “HEY! Don’t miss this!” 

TODAY was such a day!

 I have been selling my things. (Why? That’s a story for another day.)  And today, I met a lady in the parking lot at work to let her look through some scrapbooking supplies I’m selling.  As she thumbed through paper with the occasional, “Oh, I like that”, I pointed out stickers that might work for her projects.   After handing her a sheet of “God Loves You” stickers, she asked me why I was getting rid of so much “GOOD” stuff.

I smiled and said, “Well, it’s a long story but the simple answer is God.  I felt His nudging to make some major changes in my life and position myself to get READY for whatever He would ask of me.”

She starred. Mouth open.  She said, “You know, I haven’t been happy the last couple of months and I don’t know why.”

They say that “opportunity knocks.”  Well, the knocking was so loud I couldn’t ignore it.  BUT I hesitated thinking about how spiritually dry I’ve felt, how screwed up and broken I still am and how uncomfortable and awkward this could be.  But the Holy Spirit was knocking…and gently said, “The time is NOW.” 

So I asked her the questions: Do you know God? Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? Where are you at with that? And my new favorite: “A friend of mine showed me a picture lately that might help…can I show it to you?”  Not only did she say yes, she was EAGER!  Her favorable response shocked me.

So there…in the noisy parking lot at work, under the shade of my car’s hatchback door, we prayed and invited Jesus to help her cross the bridge in her heart in order to have a fearless, loving relationship with Him. 

As I walked away from the encounter, I had to giggle at the thought in my head, “Okay God…Now you’re just showing off.”  The smile faded when He asked, “Do you still believe you don’t have a purpose for being here, in this place, right now?  What if you had allowed your lack of perfection to stop you from talking to her?”

 And there it was: MY growing moment.  This wasn’t just about HER…it was about me too.

 So what did I learn? In the midst of your struggle, go anyway.

If you are not perfect, tell them anyway.

If you don’t know what to say, ask them anyway.

If you are doubting your reasons for going, go anyway.

If you feel like a broken person, so what. We ALL are.

 Open your eyes to the Divine Appointments RIGHT where you are…RIGHT now…and share what you believe. You just never know who needs to hear that they too, have hope of a second chance, eternal life, purpose and peace this side of heaven.